Aqualex Marketing Vision

Aqualex creates value for our clients by working to study the essence of beauty while offering industry-leading products.


Builds trust with our clients by strictly protecting client information and meeting the confidentiality standards on cosmetic prescription

One Prescription Per Client

Provides one prescription for each client company, which contributes to the formation of a market base for client companies

Technological Independence

Supports the marketing activities of client companies by offering information on the technologies of Aqualex as well as industry trends

Objectives for Product Quality

Satisfies clients with the highest level of product quality that meets our product quality objectives

Aqualex Research Center

Research for Skin Balance

To manufacture cosmetic products that can best suit our skin, Aqualex conducts research on products using nanoemulsion technology as well as various natural extracts including bioingredients and liposomes. We strive hard to make sure that the highest level of product quality can be controlled and maintained to meet our clients’ needs.

Global Aqualex

As a trustworthy global partner, Aqualex will contribute to raising the competitiveness of our clients’ brands by offering a comprehensive consultation service that best fits their respective businesses.

Malang Coco

Delivers natural ingredients essential

for the skin to pursue its right balance

Honey Jackson

Seeks convenient and special skin

care for the valued skin of men